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Patrizia Catellani

IdentitaappartenenzaCatellani, P. (2005).
In Catellani, P. (a cura di)
Identità e appartenenza nella società globale.
Vita e Pensiero, Milano,
pp. 17-44.

ISBN 978-3-642-41544-9

The chapter aims at showing that research results on the processes of social identification in the socio-political and work context may offer useful suggestions to politicians and policy-makers interested in making decisions that lead to an improvement of individual and social living conditions in a global society. Social identity in uncertainty conditions is taken into account first, reviewing research results of how people react to the need of social belongingness when they find themselves in (objective or subjective) conditions of uncertainty and threat. Multiple social identities are then examined, especially those characterized by hierarchical inclusiveness.

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