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    Research at the intersection of social psychology and artificial intelligence


    Framing food. Food communication to promote health, well-being and sustainability


    Framing Environment. Communication to promote the protection of the environment
  • Attacks, Defences, Forgiveness

    Attacks, Defences, Forgiveness

  • Counterfactuals, Biases and Political/Legal Communication

    Counterfactuals, Biases and Political/Legal Communication


Affective components in promoting physical activity: A randomized controlled trial of message framing

Carfora V., Biella M., & Catellani P. (2022). Affective components in promoting physical activity: A randomized controlled trial of message framing. Frontiers in Psychology, 13, 968109.

Counterfactual thinking as a prebunking strategy to contrast misinformation on COVID-19

Bertolotti, M. & Catellani, P. (2023). Counterfactual thinking as a prebunking strategy to contrast misinformation on COVID-19, Journal of Experimental Social Psychology. Online.

The influence of message framing on consumers’ selection of local food

Carfora V., Morandi M., & Catellani P. (2022).
 Foods, 11, 1268.

Predicting and promoting the consumption of plant-based meat

Carfora V., Morandi M., & Catellani P. (2022). British Food Journal. Online.

Adding dynamic norm to environmental information in persuasive messages: The role of receivers’ intrinsic motivation

Carfora, V., Zeiske, N., van der Werff, E., Steg, L. & Catellani, P. (2022). Environmental Communication. Online.

The psychosocial drivers of the adherence to the Mediterranean Diet

Carfora V., Morandi M., Jelić, A., & Catellani P. (2022). Public Health Nutrition, 25, 2742-2757.

Integrating personal and pro-environmental motives to explain women’s purchase of sustainable clothing

Carfora, V., Buscicchio, G. & Catellani, P. (2021). Sustainability, 13, 10841.


Progetto Re-Hub-ILITY: presentazione – 18 ottobre 2022

Un sistema integrato per la riabilitazione a domicilio, usando le migliori tecnologie esistenti.

Dimmi come e con chi mangi e ti dirò chi sei - 16 ottobre 2022

Secondo tempo - Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore


Padova – September 2022: Framing and tailoring messages to promote healthy eating: Predicting effects through a psychology-based graphical causal model

Catellani, P., Carfora, V., & Piastra, M. (2022) Paper presented at the XXX AIP - Associazione Italiana di Psicologia Meeting Padova, 27-30 September

Padova – September 2022: “If it weren’t for COVID…”: The effects of counterfactual communication on support for the energy transition

Bertolotti, M., Valla L. e Catellani, P. (2022) Paper presented at the XXX AIP - Associazione Italiana di Psicologia Meeting Padova, 27-30 September

Locandina ComPol 724x1024The Annual Meeting of Political Communication “Communicate and doing politics in a pop democracy was held in Rome from 14 to 16 December 2017. Together with Mauro Bertolotti and Thomas Nelson (Ohio University) I presented the paper “Pittsburgh or Paris? Framing issues in the policies on energy and climate”. We talked about our studies carried out both in Italy and USA to investigate how people react to messages highlighting advantages or disadvantages for the economy and the environment of programs aimed at increasing the use of renewable energy.


Returning from Padua, where the annual meeting of SIPI (Società Italiana di Psicologia dell'Invecchiamento) was held from 21 to 23 of May, 2016. Together with Mauro Bertolotti, we presented the paper "health or Well-being? Framing effects in nutrition communication addressing old people."


logoOn December 1-2, 2017 an Expert Meeting organised by the “Ordine degli Psicologi del Lazio” was held to start a think-thank on the new perspectives in the psychology profession. Two involving and interesting debate days, which are summarised in the new website. On this page short videos on the two days, including an interview of mine which may also be found at this page.

EASP Meeting Amsterdam 2014 - Farewell Dinner Hotel KrasnapolskyWe took part in EASP meeting, the European Association of Social Psychology, located in a wonderful Amsterdam. The farwell dinner was organised in the main hall of Krasnapolsky hotel. It was really worth it!!!

easpFrom 25 to 28 May 2017 I took part in the Small Group Meeting "Understanding psychological defese after failure", in Fyresdal, Norway. The meeting was supported by the European Association of Social Psychology and by Austre Nape.

the-psychology-of-counterfactual-thinkingDavid R. Mandel, Denis J. Hilton, Patrizia Catellani (2005), The Psychology of Counterfactual Thinking, Routlege. Now in paperback. Routledge made a selection and published the paperback format of the following book first edited in 2005.



SipiOn May 19-20, 2017 I’ve participated in the X Meeting of SIPI (Italian Society of Psychology of Ageing).

Screenshot 2014-06-15_22.02.08Sono aperte le iscrizioni per l’anno accademico 2014-15 alla Laurea Magistrale LACOR – Lavoro e comunicazione nelle organizzazioni.

Io mi occupo in particolare del curriculum COR - Comunicazione per le organizzazioni e le imprese.  

rsi dueDal 10 al 14 aprile2017, nell’ambito della trasmissione “In altre parole”, ho parlato con il conduttore Andrea Fazioli di Psicologia Politica.

thumb Sssp - Sydney

The photos of the "Sydney Symposium of Social Psychology" are now online. The meeting was held last March in Sydney. 

You can find a selection of the best shots that disclose different moments of the symposium, the acadamic and the leisure ones as well, everything was extremely pleasant! 

Those who are interested can find the online translations which summerize the main chapters of the papers presented at the meeting, included  Catellani, P. and Bertolotti, M. (2014). The perception of politicians’ morality: Attacks and defences.


 Sydney 2014_95  Sydney 2014_107 Sydney 2014_61

Sydney 2014_114  Sydney 2014_92 Sydney 2014_128



                                                          Watch the video o research's presentation: “Better food for a better life” published on the Newsletter UCloud of the Università Cattolica. thumb Frame UCloudThe Newsletter was recently introduced to the meeting “Reconnecting policy making and science: how do we do it?” an international digital agora organized by Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore held in Brussels the 11th of December in the framework of the Italian Presidency of the European Union.



The monographic paper in the ComPol journal is online with several in-depth analysis on the media emloyed in 2013 political campaign and on the related effects.
Inside the journal the paper with my contribution: Barisione, M., Catellani, P. & Garzia, D. (2014). Between Facebook and TV news. Media Exposure and Leader Perception in the 2013 Election Campaign in Italy. Comunicazione Politica6, 185-207.
Read the abstract ...

Nutrire il pianetaFind out more watching the video, disclosing some issues regarding the links between, nutrition, identity, and values.

Sssp -_SydneyThe texts of the contributions to be presented at the next "Sydney symposium of social psychology", 17-20 March, are now online.

Together with Mauro Bertolotti I'm presenting the following contribution:

Catellani, P. e Bertolotti, M. (2014). The perception of politicians’ morality: Attacks and defences.


mondoÈ in corso di stampa il capitolo "Catellani, P. e Bertolotti, M. Identity, values, and food" nel volume a cura di F. Botturi & R. Zoboli (Eds.) Convivium: Representation, meaning, exclusion, sustainability, Milano, Vita & Pensiero.
Che rapporti ci sono tra il cibo che mangiamo, i nostri valori e la nostra identità? Per rispondere a questa domanda vediamo anzitutto che relazioni ci sono tra valori e scelte alimentari. Analizziamo poi più in dettaglio le motivazioni che sono alla base delle scelte alimentari e come queste motivazioni possono cambiare nel tempo.


The paper:

Catellani, P. & Bertolotti, M.. The effects of counterfactual attacks on social judgments

has been just accepted for publication in Social Psychology.

aix-en-provenceFrom June 1 to 4, 2016 the Small Group Meeting "Counterfactual thinking in causality, emotion, communication, and behavior" was held in Aix-en-Provence, organized by Mauro Bertolotti, Ruth Byrne, Kai Epstude, Denis Hilton, and myself. The meeting was supported by the European Association of Social Psychology.




Catellani, P. e Bertolotti, M. Identity, values, and food,

in the volume F. Botturi & R. Zoboli (Eds.) Convivium: Representation, meaning, exclusion, sustainability, Milan, Vita & Pensiero.


Is there a relationship between the food we eat and our values and identity? To answer this question, we first look at what are the relations between personal values and food choices. We then take a more in-depth look at the motivations underlying our food choices and how such motivations can change in time.


Vilm 2015Back from the Island of Vilm on the Baltic Sea. An extremely innovative and inspiring meeting held in an amzing location.
Alongsides with M. Bertolotti we presented the papaer:  "The Agreement with Climate Change Policies. The Effects of Message Framing, Regulatory Focus, and National versus Supra-national Identity".


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