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AI-FRAMING – Artificial Intelligence & Framing Effects

This research area integrates the achievements of social psychology with those of artificial intelligence. The goal is to develop personalized digital communication systems that take into account the framing effects and are aimed at promoting health, well-being and sustainability. Through quick profiling, optimal communication strategies are identified for changing behaviors, respecting the resources and motivations of individuals.

Ongoing Research Projects:

Counterfactuals, Biases and Political/Legal Communication

This research area investigates how people develop different representations and alternative explanations of events with political or legal relevance. Particular attention is paid to reasoning and counterfactual communication ("If ... then ..."), and to the conditions that can favor a removal of people from a complete and faithful analysis of events, to prefer explanations consistent with their own worldview.

Ongoing Research Projects:

FROOD - Framing food

This research area focuses on how to make food communication more effective, to promote purchasing and consumption choices in harmony with the health and well-being of people, as well as with the environment. Different communication framing modes are developed and tested to identify the most appropriate ones according to the different psychological characteristics of the interlocutors.

Ongoing Research Projects:

FRAMENV – Framing Environment

This research area examines the effects of communication aimed at promoting public policies of mitigation and adaptation to climate change. The focus is on the effects of pre-current communication, a strategic representation of possible future scenarios.

Ongoing Research Projects:

Attacks, Defences, Forgiveness

This area of ​​research examines the effects of attacks and defenses on people's reputations, as well as forgiveness. The focus is on the effects of counterfactual communication ("If ... then ..."), a strategic representation of the past that highlights possible alternatives.

Ongoing Research Projects:


Patrizia Catellani

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di Psicologia Sociale
Dipartimento di Psicologia
Università Cattolica di Milano
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